Top 5 tips to cure foot pain caused by wearing high heels


Can’t get enough of those stilettos? Here’s how you can cure foot pain caused by wearing high heels

“The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.” – Christian Louboutin

high heels pain cure

High heels have creeped into the shoe closet of every woman today, and if your the kinds who can’t get enough of them, despite those aching feet, here are 5 tips to cure foot pain after wearing high heels.

1. Soak your feet – A foot bath with warm water mixed with epsom salt can be a great pain relieving method. Epsom salt is not exactly salt in the plain sense, but is a natural mineral derivative of magnesium and sulfate which is absorbable by the skin. Magnesium is crucial for the body tissues’ building and repairing process and is made use of in over 300 enzymatic processes. Also, warm water helps in the dilation of blood vessels which have been cramped due to the pressure from the heels.

2. Stretching exercises for the feet – Hight heels put a lot of pressure on the calf muscles and heel (Achilles) tendon, thus, causing your feet to cramp up and hurt. The best way to relieve this pressure is to perform stretching exercises for the feet. Rotate the ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise, move them from left to right, you can also air-write with your big toe. High heels, specifically narrow toed one’s cause the toes to buckle up and contract, wiggle your toes along with the ankle exercises for further pain relief.

3. Foot massage – Pamper your feet with a deep tissue foot massage, lets admit it, heels might amp up sexy quotient for women, but they are unnatural positions to put your feet in. The foot’s arch has many muscles which are misaligned while we happily strut around in our stilettos and pumps.  A deep massage can ease out the muscular strains and also enhance blood flow to the vessels in the feet.

4. Moisturize your feet – This might not be a post-heel-wearing process, but a sort of a precaution. Moisturizing your feet can help the skin be supple and not develop thick-skinned callouses that are aggravated while wearing heels. 

5. Take a day off sans heels – Your feet need a vacation where no high heels are involved, wear well padded socks or good sneakers that can comfort and cushion the feet after all the stress caused by high heels. The foot’s ball – rounded part which is located at the base of the big toe – is subjected to the most stress with heels, constant wearing of high heels can create stress fracture risks or ligament tears. 

“Life is too short, wear high heels” – Eva Green, but also heal your ailing heels!

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