5 health signs that your nails might reveal


Listen to your nails, they might indicate what’s wrong with your health.

Pampering your nails with nail spa therapy and lots more is not a bad idea, but sometimes, you just need to stare at them bare, without any nail art on and see what they can reveal about your health.

nail health

What are nails?

Nails are basically layers of a protective protein called Keratin that is also found in hair and skin.

Here are 5 health risks that your nails might be signaling towards.

1. Cracked and split up nails – Nails which are dry or cracked up/ brittle might indicate a thyroid problem. Also, dry or cracked nails along with a yellowish color might be caused by a fungal infection. 

2. Pale Nail texture – Pale nails might be indicative of fatal illnesses like anemia, malnutrition, liver problems and congestive heart failure. 

3. Bluish nails – Nails which have a bluish tinge to them might be a sign that your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. It is occasionally also indicative of a lung problem known as emphysema.

4. Ripped or pitted patterns on the nail surface – If the surface of your nails have a ripped or pitted texture then it might be a sign of psoriasis (skin disease).

5. Spoon shaped nails – Nails which are shaped like a spoon or look like they are in the shape of a concave lens, might be indicative of hypothyroidism. 

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