MiG 27 Crashes In West Bengal – Kills One Injures Twenty Five


Updated Trends:  MiG 27 Crashes In West Bengal – Kills One Injures Twenty Five

In yet an another incident of the Indian Air Force, a MiG 27 crashed in West Bengal, in the Village of Bhotputti, Jalpaiguri. One person is been reported to be dead, and twenty five have been injured.

MiG 27 Crashes In West Bengal

Photo: Ajay Sah
The people involved in the accident were all farmers. The pilot ejected at the last moment but has been admitted to the hospital.

The police stated that a farmer called B. Rai, was in the fields working when the MiG crashed and he was killed by it. 25 have been injured, of which 5 are in serious condition.

The IAF spokes person in New Delhi stated, that, the aircraft had took off from the Hashimara Airbase, and then it crashed in minutes after it took of, at around 10.30 hours.

This has been the second MiG 27 crash in the western zone of the country. Prior to this one MiG had crashed in Near Siliguri in West Bengal, killing one pilot in the month of February this year, as a result the entire MiG 27 fleet had to be grounded.

India had lost two MiG27 aircraft’s last year, and a total of 12 since the year 2001. The crashes have occurred due to the technical problems in the aircraft’s engine.