4 ways to eat safe while travelling


Mind what you eat when traveling.

Travel time for a lot of people is synonymous with munching, most people love to binge on different foods when traveling. However, here are a few things which must be kept in mind before you enjoy your travel snack.


1. Eat fresh and hot: Foods often get spoilt when kept for too long after cooking, so make sure that whatever food you purchase is hot and fresh. Also, take stock of the hygiene levels of the area from where you purchase the food item.

2. Drinking water: While traveling, it is always advised to purchase bottled water instead of looking for other unpackaged sources which can be contaminated and unsafe.

3. Avoid sea food: Sea food can be delicious, but it has a higher tendency of contamination from various  water sources and thus can lead to intestinal problems easily.

4. Avoid alcohol while travelling: As much as you wish to unwind, in some countries the alcohol content in beer and wine is much more than standard levels. Thus, you might just want to limit yourself  to moderate amounts of alcohol.

Photo Credits: mosaicglobe