5 Foods to eat when feeling unwell


UpdatedTrends.com: Winter is the time when your body is surrounded by infection and becomes prone to illnesses. If you are feeling unwell and have been advised to rest and take medications, keep in mind that there are also certain foods which might help you to recover faster. Here are 5 foods you should eat when you are sick.


1. Citrus fruits: You should incorporate citrus fruits onto your menu not only for the vitamin C, but because the soft white layer of skin found on oranges, lemons and grapefruits is rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids help in improving your immune system and can even help you to recover faster.

2. Tea: A cup of hot tea can be soothing, especially when you are suffering from cough or cold. Warm liquids soothe the throat and release congestion. Tea also contains antioxidants, which fight infection and support your immune system.

3. Bananas: Fruits are always a good idea, but bananas contain plenty of potassium, which is needed when a person is suffering from diarrhea, sweating or vomiting. Bananas are easy to digest and also help with constipation.

4. Ginger: Ginger helps in preventing and soothing nausea and other ailments like bloating, vomiting and constipation. Drinking ginger tea can help in hydrating the body and also soothes many stomach problems.

5. Toast: Plain or salted toast or crackers are usually light on the stomach and are best for people suffering from morning sickness.

Photo Credits: Pickyeaterblog