5 Health benefits of yoga


UpdatedTrends.com: Yoga is an exercise which not only benefits the body, but also helps to improve one’s mental strength. Frequent practice of this great exercise can make the body more flexible and can also help with releasing stress from the body. Here are 5 health benefits of yoga.


1. Fights insomnia: Researchers from Harvard have found that at least eight weeks of practicing yoga can help in significantly improving the condition of people suffering from insomnia. Breathing, as well as mental exercise enable the mind to cool down and you will be able to sleep better in return.

2. Improves immunity: Constant practice of yoga can help in improving the immunity of the body. This does not take long, as the changes occur while the practitioner is still on the mat.

3. Soothes migraine problem: People suffering from migraine must practice yoga for at least three months, after which significant changes can be seen. The actual cause of migraine is not determined, but research says that it is caused by a combination of mental stress and physical overload.

4. Improves sexual performance: Yoga also has the ability to improve sexual desire in just 12 weeks of practice. It can also help with arousal, confidence, orgasm and satisfaction for both men and women.

5. Food cravings: People who are having problems with constant food cravings can find a solution in yoga. The practice of yoga is usually associated with mindful eating and an awareness of physical and emotional sensations with eating.

Photo Credits: Living Fresh