4 Ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions


    UpdatedTrends.com: As we prepare to welcome 2014 tonight, the majority of us is probably thinking of the goals we want to accomplish during the upcoming year. Regardless of what your ambitions are, you will have plenty of time to fulfill them and here are 4 ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.


    1. Make changes to your behavior – If you do the same thing over and over again, how can you expect a different outcome? In order to get the results you want, you need to change your routine.

    2. Define your SMART goals – When you are about to set targets for yourself, make sure to use  the SMART acronym, which stands for: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-specific. You need to do more than simply say, “I want to lose weight” and make sure to track your weight during a given period of time.

    3. Track your progress – Remember to use a calendar, or a calendar app in order to monitor your goals and progress. This will help you in finding out what triggers your behavior and it can also warn you of any early slips.

    4. Reward small achievements – Once you reach a portion of your goal, do something nice for yourself, because you deserve it. Recognize the accomplishment and treat yourself, as this will keep you excited – and most importantly, focused – on the overall goal.

    Photo Credits: MindBodyGreen