3 Ways to cut calories every day


UpdatedTrends.com: Working out on a regular basis and eating healthy offer best results when it comes to losing weight or staying in shape, however, there are other, simple things you can do every day in order to reduce calories from your diet. Here are 3 small ways in which you can change your daily routine and get great results in return.

Ways to cut calories every day

1. Work out at night – As our circadian system is making us hungriest a couple of hours before bedtime, hitting the gym in the evening can be a good idea and it will help you in curbing those late-night cravings. If you are not in the mood for the gym, opt for a brisk walk after dinner, as it may reduce the possibility of snacking before going to sleep.

2. Break up your regular meals – If your breakfast consists of oatmeal topped with banana and walnuts, try eating the oatmeal plain first and leave banana and walnuts for a snack later on. Also, try having your soup or salad as a snack before dinner, as opposed to your dinner starter. This way you will still eat the same amount of calories, but they will be divided throughout the day and you will be able to snack and feel full, without having to add more calories to your regular three meals.

3. Get a dog – Having a man’s best friend is connected to burning 200 extra calories on a weekly basis. People who own dogs walk about one hour longer per week than those without them, which represents an additional 230 calories burned each week.

Photo Credits: SheKnows