5 Ways to use olive oil outside the kitchen


UpdatedTrends.com: The health benefits of olive oil are already well-known and while most of us still use it primarily for cooking, it is good to know that this amazing oil can be used in many different ways outside the kitchen and here are the examples.

Great ways to use olive oil outside the kitchen

 1. Tickle in the throat – One teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil can help in soothing your throat and will bring a relief by preventing the tickle in your throat from making you cough.

2. Treatment of constipation – If you are experiencing constipation, try consuming a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil, as it can be used as a laxative. If you do not enjoy the taste of olive oil itself, add it as a dressing to your salad (which contains fiber and this might help with your problem too).

3. Treatment of sunburn – Try mixing equal amounts of water and olive oil and then apply this mix to areas which have suffered minor sunburn. This will help in easing the pain, as well as retaining your skin’s moisture.

4. Remove paint from skin – Cleaning paint off your skin can be pretty difficult, but olive oil can be helpful in this situation as well. Make sure to apply a little bit of olive oil and rub it into the paint in order to loosen it. Once you remove the oil, the paint will come off too.

5. Shoe polish – If you are out of shoe polish, simply head to your kitchen and get some olive oil. Dampen a soft cloth with it and polish your shoes as usual.

Photo Credits: StarTimes