4 Ways to protect your heart


UpdatedTrends.com: Stressful and long working hours behind the computer, greasy and salty food, smoking and alcohol can significantly impact the overall state of our heart, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Here are 4 ways to protect your heart, but if the symptoms persist or you have any concerns about your health, it is always best to consult with your doctor.

Ways to protect your heart

1. Do not save money on health care – Opting not to seek help when you are feeling unwell or splitting pills in order to cut costs will not help your health. If you are worried about prescription costs, check with your doctor and find out if you can enter lower cost prescription programs.

2. Work out – Choose any type of physical activity that works best for you and your finances, whether it is working out at the gym, swimming at the local pool or taking long walks in your neighborhood, just keep in mind to exercise 30 to 60 minutes every day.

3. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke – Both your heart and your wallet will be better off when you stop smoking, because this bad and expensive habit can significantly increase the risk of heart attacks and heart failure.

4. Reduce stress – Tight deadlines, financial problems, keeping a job or finding a new one are just some of the problems that attribute to an increased level of stress. It is important to find a positive outlet in these situations and reduce the level of stress with exercise or meditation.

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