4 Ways to prevent bad skin


UpdatedTrends.com: Even though you are committed to your daily beauty routine and think you are doing everything right, you are still not seeing the positive results on your skin? There is a possibility that some of your habits are not working in your favor, so here are 4 ways to prevent bad skin and get a beautiful, flowing complexion.

4 Ways to prevent bad skin

1. You use hot water – A long, steaming shower or bath after a long day is nothing short of relaxing, however, using hot water on a daily basis can dry out your skin. Keep in mind to switch to a more tepid temperature while in the bathroom, as it will be good for your complexion.

2. Your sex life is nonexistent – Having sex (or at least fantasizing about it) results in the production of endorphins, which increase the amount of collagen that is responsible for our skin’s plumpness.

3. You are a product junkie – Any new product needs a couple of weeks to show its best results, so if you are switching your beauty regimens on a regular basis, this might result in bad skin. Make sure to give your latest products time to show their results and be cautious when trying out new ones.

4. You overindulge – Drinking alcohol is not off limits, but decline to have that extra glass of wine or a cocktail before going to bed. Alcohol is responsible for dehydrating your skin, interrupting your much-needed sleep and puffs up your face. Smoking is equally bad for your complexion, as it decreases your blood flow and accelerates signs of ageing.

Photo Credits: Mariobadescu