3 Healthy foods to replace less healthy preferences


UpdatedTrends.com: Changing your eating habits and incorporating healthier foods into your diet does not mean you have to give up on taste. There are plenty of nutritious foods which can be an excellent – and equally delicious – replacement to your less healthy preferences and here are 3 great examples.

3 Healthy foods to replace less healthy preferences

1. Quinoa instead of pasta and rice – While pasta and white rice are known as the simple or ‘bad’ carbs as they do not provide much when it comes to nutrition, quinoa is rich in protein – which means that it offers all nine essential amino acids –  in addition to being a great base for all kinds of sauces, just like rice and pasta.

2. Fruit sorbet instead of ice cream – Regular ice cream contains plenty of emulsifiers, preservatives and added sugars, while fruit sorbet will offer just a small portion of the calories and a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is super healthy and extremely easy to make, so try adding your favorite frozen fruits (blueberries, pineapple, blueberries, pineapple) into a blender with a little water and you will have a delicious treat. If you want your sorbet to be a bit thicker, simply add some organic Greek yogurt into the mix.

3. Cauliflower instead of potatoes – Even though mashed potatoes are tasty, mashed cauliflower will help you cut calories and add protein to your meal at the same time. Cauliflower is a great side dish and contains four times less calories than potatoes, while its nutritional value is much higher.

Photo Credits: MoraIceCream