3 Low-calorie late-night snacks


UpdatedTrends.com: Even though it is widely believed that late-night snacking is bad for you, that is not entirely the truth. If you enjoy snacks while watching a movie or hanging out with your family and friends in the evening, just make sure to choose healthier options. Here are three great low-calorie, late-night snacks you can include in your diet.

3 Low-calorie late-night snacks

1. Turkey sandwich – We all know how comforting grilled cheese can be, but it also contains plenty of calories. Opt for a turkey sandwich instead, add some leafy greens and just a little bit of cheese on the top. This way, you will get a healthier and equally delicious late-night snack.

2. Popcorn – It is a great replacement for high-calorie potato chips and it is equally tasty and savory. Make a batch of popcorn at home, as it is much better for you than the ones bought at the store. Try sprinkling some of your favorite low-calorie toppings or add some parmesan cheese if you are craving something delicious and buttery.

3. Banana and strawberry yogurt creams – This amazing treat is healthy, contains just 145 calories and is super delicious. It is a much better option than any type of candy and it can be prepared easily. Instead of filling them, just dip the strawberries in the cream and enjoy your tasty snack.

Photo Credits: The Petite Piglet