4 Foods to avoid during weight loss


If you are on a diet, or plan on starting your weight loss mission soon enough, then you definitely need a list of foods to stay away from while making positive lifestyle changes. Here are 4 foods to avoid during (and after) weight loss.

4 Foods to avoid during weight loss

1. Potato chips – We all know those crunchy, salty and tasty potato chips are not very good for us, but you probably did not know they are this bad. As they are made from potatoes (which are full of carbs), are deep fried (full of oil) and on top of that, sprinkled with taste enhancers (which are full of sodium), potato chips make us gain weight faster than alcohol, soda and ice cream.

2. Margarine – It is a substitute for butter, but some types of margarine contain trans fat, which increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Its regular consumption also leads to excessive weight gain and should be avoided completely.

3. Pasta and rice – They are rich in carbs which add to your calorie intake and energy when digested, however, excess intake of carbs eventually leads to obesity.

4. Alcohol – It is one of the most obvious reasons for gaining weight. When consumed, alcohol releases a hormone called cortisol, which breaks down the muscle and retains fat and is making us fat as a result. Alcohol is full of calories and addiction to it may lead to excess weight gain.

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