3 In-season September superfoods


Summer is on its way out, but we still have September and the healthy foods we can enjoy throughout the month. This is the perfect time to get fruits and veggies when they are at their best and include them into your daily menu. Here are 3 in-season September superfoods.

September superfoods

1. Lima Beans – They are rich in fiber, which is great for regulating blood sugar levels and can also help in reducing cholesterol and regulating digestion. In addition to that, Lima beans are an excellent source of magnesium and folate and both are good for your cardiovascular health.

2. Beets – Known as one of the most beneficial root vegetables, as beets have anti-inflammatory properties and people usually use them in a liver cleanse diet. The betanin pigments found in beets can also lessen tumor growth in tumor cells from lung, prostate, colon, stomach, nerve, breast and testicular tissues. If you do not like their taste, include them in a smoothie with other, tastier veggie and fruit choices.

3. Broccoli – This veggie is good for your health in so many ways, it simply has to find its spot on your plate, as often as possible. Broccoli is a fantastic source of antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, which makes it excellent for immune function, bone health and protection against heart disease. In addition to all that, broccoli is well-known for its anti-cancer properties.

Photo Credits: Health