4 Simple ways to sleep better


If you are experiencing sleepless nights, then agitation and lethargy the following morning are all too familiar to you. Getting quality sleep is crucial for your body’s ability to keep your brain engaged during the day, burn fat and most importantly – ward off illness. Here are 4 simple ways to fall asleep sooner and sleep better.

Simple ways to sleep better

1. Think in color – In order to stop your mind from racing, start thinking in color. Start by picking one color and then visualize all the things that are that particular color. Try to relax and watch the mental images float by as you name different scenes and objects.

2. Keep it cold – The optimal room temperature for sleep is somewhere between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you turn down the temperature in your room, it will help in cooling down your body temperature and will result in a sleepy feeling we all wish for in bed.

3. Drink water – Dehydration might be one of the reasons why you are tossing and turning at night. Have one big glass of water before going to bed, as it is not only good for your sleeping habits, but will also improve your digestion the following morning.

4. Change clothes – Itchy fabric or tight, uncomfortable clothes will leave you feeling hot or cranky. Choose loose-fitting, cotton pajamas or a nightgown in order to feel cozy, relaxed and ready for bed.

Photo Credits: Soda Head