3 Superfoods to include in your diet


If you want to improve your diet and incorporate more healthy foods into it, here are 3 superfoods you should have on your menu, as they will help you in fighting diseases and boosting your energy.

Superfoods to include in your diet1. Lemons – One lemon has over 100 percent of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C and can help strengthen your bones and increase levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol. Also, citrus flavonoids found in lemons act as an anti-inflammatory and can prevent the growth of cancer cells. Make sure to put a slice of lemon in your green tea, as citrus increases the body’s ability to absorb the antioxidants found in the tea by 80 percent.

2. Broccoli – It is rich in vitamins good for your bones, as one medium stalk of broccoli has over 100 percent of your daily vitamin K intake, as well as almost 200 percent of daily vitamin C requirement. The same serving of this great veggie can also help postpone various cancers. You can preserve up to 90 percent of vitamin C if you microwave broccoli instead of boiling it.

3. Avocados – This amazing fruit is able to lower cholesterol level by about 22 percent, thanks to its healthy fats. One avocado contains 40 percent of the folate and more than half the fiber you need on a daily basis, which can help in reducing the risk of heart disease. Simply add it to your salad in order to increase the absorption of key nutrients, such as the beta-carotene.

Photo Credits: Splendid Table