6 Ways to reduce your risk of cancer


Reducing risk of cancer and prolonging your life comes through two, both equally-important approaches: getting rid of lifestyle factors that are damaging to your body – such as smoking or excessive drinking – but also incorporating healthier lifestyle changes, including eating good foods and being physically active. When both these approaches become part of your daily routine, health becomes effortless and risks of heart diseases, diabetes or stroke are very reduced.

6 Ways to reduce your risk of cancer

1. Maintain a healthy weight – it has been proved that being overweight or obese now causes as many cases of cancer as smoking. This happens because chronically high levels of insulin in the bloodstreams of people who are overweight provides fuel for tumor growth. Obesity is the cause of 14% of cancer deaths in men and a staggering 20% in women.

2. Cut refined carbohydrates from your diet – millions of people who are neither overweight nor obese have chronically high insulin. In order to avoid developing this condition, the safest bet is to lower or completely cut sources of refined sugar and starches, such as soda, fruit juices, junk food, commercial sweets and white bread. Instead of soda and fruit juice, opt for water, fresh veggie juice or tea and replace white bread with whole grain. Try incorporating as much fruit as possible instead of candy bars or desserts, or make homemade sweets using various gentle and non-caloric sweeteners, such as stevia.

3. Watch your alcohol intake – moderately enjoying alcohol has protective effects for those people who are at risk of heart disease. However, for women, alcohol intake itself is related to their risk of breast cancer and the more you drink – the higher the risk. In order to offset the danger and freely enjoy a glass of wine now and then, simply supplement it with folic acid.

4. Reduce red meat – eating lamb, pork or beef five or more times a week has proved to increase the risk of colon cancer by 30% and processed meats – hot dogs and sausages – do more or less the same damage. Vegeterians have a 40% reduced risk of cancer, because of both the lack of meat and much lower rates of obesity. Instead of meat, try eating nuts, beans, seeds and veggies which are great sources of much-needed protein.

5. Eat more cruciferous veggies – having one serving of cruciferous veggies a day has showed to reduce the risk of breast cancer by a mind-boggling 50%. Make sure that cabbage, broccoli, watercress and radish become a staple in your diet, as they have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and detoxification of carcinogens.

6. Enjoy your caffeine – coffee reduces the risk of brain, liver, throat and oral cancers, while green tea has been associated with lowering the risk of lung and other cancers. The antioxidant found in green tea – EGCG – has the ability to find and destroy nascent cancer cells. While most noticeable effects come with high amounts of consumption (five cups), drinking two cups per day will also offer many benefits.

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