5 Good foods with bad reputation


When trying to eat healthy, we often tend to avoid foods labeled as ‘bad’ and in turn, limit our selection. If you are on a mission to lose a couple of pounds this summer or simply want to eat good foods, we can help you expand your current menu because we have a list of 5 foods that are good for you, despite their bad reputation.

5 Good foods with bad reputation

1. Gluten and wheat – even though everyone seems to be going gluten-free these days, decades of studies have found that foods containing gluten – including rye, barley and whole-wheat – are good and very important for your health. This is, of course, referred to everyone who does not suffer from coeliac disease, which prevents people from eating gluten. Keep in mind that wheat is a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are essential for you.

2. Eggs – despite the fact that eggs are indeed high in cholesterol, they are still relatively low in saturated fat (around 1.6 grams in the yolk), which is the big determinant of LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol that leads to an increased heart-disease risk. Case in point: the Japanese – who are one of the biggest egg eaters in the world – have a very low cholesterol, as well as heart-disease rates because they eat foods that are low in saturated fat.

3. Potatoes – this veggie has been blamed for many things, such as increasing blood glucose levels, excess weight, resistance to insulin and Type 2 diabetes. Even though potato has its fair share of fattening versions – including french fries and chips – which are usually eaten in big portions and with other unhealthy foods, it can still be included in the ‘good foods’ category, but needs to be eaten right. Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium and fiber, so make sure to find some great recipes that will allow you to incorporate this veggie into your regular menu.

4. Fruits – decades of research showed that eating fruit can help you reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, so not eating it can in fact damage your health. Even though they contain some simple sugars, most fruits are low in glycemic index. Fruit is the best choice when trying to lose weight, as it is rich in water and fiber and will keep you full longer, with less calories.

5. Soy – if soy consumption starts early in life – in childhood or adolescence – this might make breast tissue less vulnerable to the development of cancer later on in life and it most likely does not have any effect on breast-cancer risk when its consumption starts in adulthood. Soy has been a staple in many Asian cuisines for centuries, so it should definitely find its place in your diet.

Photo Credits: BBC