5 Simple things on your happy to-do list


    Most of the time, we are preoccupied with busy schedules, long working hours, demanding bosses, paying our bills, balancing work and quality time spent with friends and family and many other challenges. Stress, anxiety and tiredness are negative side effects of it all, so here are 5 simple things you should do every day and remember to enjoy your life more.

    5 Simple things on your happy to-do list

    1. Move your body – if you are not a gym person, do something for yourself on a smaller scale: dance to your favorite song in the kitchen, take a quick walk with your dog or do some gardening.

    2. Drink plenty of water – water is beneficial for you in so many ways. It will help you lose or maintain your weight, it is the best way to stay hydrated and will make you feel better and less cranky.

    3. Laugh a lot – whatever makes you laugh and smile, go for it. Discover small ways to incorporate laughter into your day and lighten up in general. There are good and positive things around you, you just need to know where to look.

    4. Be yourself – no one is perfect and it is always better to be yourself than pretend to be something you are not. Love yourself just the way you are, but also learn new things and meet different people, as new experiences will enrich you as a person.

    5. Eat healthy food, but allow treats – junk food is delicious, but it makes your body feel lousy shortly after eating it. Eat fresh fruits and veggies and you will notice how good you will look and feel. Small treats are allowed, so grab some dark chocolate or drink a glass of wine, but do it in moderation.

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