10 Foods that clean your skin


We all want healthy, clean and glowing skin and even though moisturizers, tinted creams and make-up are great tools for helping our skin look perfect, try using these next 10 foods in everyday life. You will be surprised how something bought in the store or at the farmer’s market can help you achieve that beautiful and young-looking skin you dream about.


1. Avocados – contain very high levels of Vitamin B and are being used in many facial products. Make a smoothie out of it, consume it in a salad, or simply make a great scrub that will improve your skin’s appearance almost instantly.

2. Berries – any kind will do and they all contain Vitamin C, which will help build collagen fibers and make your skin look younger. Consume them as often as you can, as they also contain extremely-important antioxidants.

3. Cottage cheese – Selenium and Vitamin E found in cottage cheese help fight free radicals and also provide high levels of antioxidants good for your skin.

4. Almonds – useful in many ways. Fatty acids found in nuts remove harmful toxins from your body and they also help retain water, giving a rounder, healthier look to your skin.

5. Potatoes – baked ones provide a high amount of copper and also have zinc and Vitamin C which create elastin in the skin, making it look younger than it is.

6. Healthy whole grains – for best results, make sure they are high in fiber, as the ones that are low on the glycemic index can cause an increase in blood sugar.

7. Flax seed – if you do not like fish, this is the perfect solution for you, as flax seed oil has a high omega-3 count, which helps fight acne and gives the skin the natural glow.

8. Yogurt – helps create firmer and elastic skin, as it is rich in protein. Greek yogurt is an even better option, as it contains twice as much protein.

9. Pepper – contain carotenoids, antioxidants which help prevent wrinkles and crow’s feet.

10. Mango – extremely healthy, contains over 80% of Vitamin A you need to consume on a daily basis, plus it is low in calories.