7 Most unhealthy foods to be avoided


Living a fast-paced life, working long hours or simply not being a fan of cooking makes us reach out for fast food. It is delicious, cheap and easily-accessible, but this type of food is very unhealthy and processed. Before you go out for a snack, read which 7 unhealthy foods you need to avoid.


1. Chicken nuggets – typical chicken nugget, including the McDonald’s version, contains more than 50% fat and has more carbs than protein. They are also deep fried in an oil containing trans fat, which can help to develop diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

2. Sodas – they are empty calories. They also contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a substance worse than sugar. HFCS can damage your liver, as well as cause blood glucose spikes. Soda pop is known as an acid producing substance in our normally alkaline body pH. In turn, cancer cells are more likely to survive in an acidic, rather than alkaline environment.

3. Hot-dogs and other processed meats – huge majority of hot-dogs and other meats contain high levels of salt, MSG, artificial flavors and various preservatives. All nutritional value the meat had at the beginning has been lost when processing started.

4. Cookies, cakes, muffins and crackers from the store – all these items have similar health issues associated with them. Apart from containing extremely high levels of sugar and salt, they also contain trans fat, which is added to prolong shelf life.

5. Many breakfast cereals – they contain vitamins which are artificially added during the food processing. These cereals also often add vitamin D in a form which is not easily used by our bodies.

6. Granola bars – marketed as very healthy food, granola bars are, in fact, quite the opposite. They contain high fructose corn syrup and some are even loaded with fat and sodium.

7. Pre-made condiments and salad dressings – they contain high fructose syrup, trans fat and additives. Best solution is to simply make your own salad dressings or ketchup and keep them refrigerated.