5 Ways to keep your eyes healthy after prolonged computer use


This is the information technology age and our eyesight is one of the most important aspects of living in this modern world. Keeping one’s eyes healthy is of utmost importance and prolonged use of a computer can cause severe strain.

Computer Eye Strain

Here are 5 ways you can reduce the strain on your eyes due to prolonged computer use.

1. Taking a break: Although this option is an obvious one, it is quite essential. The eyes need to refocus every now and then and taking a break from staring at the screen after every 30 minutes, is one of the main ways to give your eyes some much-needed rest.

2. Using eye drops: Eye drops help to moisten the eyes. Eyes need to stay moist to remain healthy. When we stare at a computer screen for too long it causes the eyes to dry out, resulting in a variety of problems.

3. Change viewing angle: If the computer screen is placed above eye level it could be more strenuous than when it is below. It is better to look down at the screen rather than up.

4. Increase font size: By increasing the size of the font on your machine, you will allow yourself to sit further away from the screen and allow your eyes to feel less strained.

5. Brightness check: Make sure the monitor is not too bright or too dull. The brightness of the screen should match the light in the room so that strain is reduced.