5 Ways to choose the perfect mattress


Getting a good nights sleep is of utmost importance if we are to function at our highest energy levels during the day. Thus, choosing the right mattress would also become fairly important, in order to enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

Choosing mattress

Here are five ways you could choose a mattress:

1. Test: One of the easiest ways to know if you would be comfortable on a mattress is by the first impression you get when you sleep on it. Try test-sleeping on one for around 20 minutes to get a good feel for it.

2. Size matters: Chose a larger and wider mattress if two people are to share it. People usually need 38″ of space to sleep in. King-size mattresses are ideal for this purpose.

3. Observe: Get a friend to observe the curvature of your spine when you are lying on the mattress. Different mattresses curve differently. Whether you should get a hard or soft one would depend on personal preference.

4. Keep allergens out: Various allergens like mold, dust mites and bacteria may gather on your mattress over time. Daily vacuuming should solve this problem.

5. Return Policy: Make sure you update yourself with the return policy of a mattress. Go for one which can be returned after a week of use, as a new mattress could take some days of getting used to.