Easy ways to teach children about dental hygiene


UpdatedTrends.com: Dental hygiene is a must in children and it is also essential to keep a watch and educate children about its importance. Making children learn about dental health can help them carry the habit for a lifetime. Teaching children can be tricky, but here are a few fun ways to teach them.

1. Demonstrate with illustrations – Children grasp quickly with the help of illustrations. Use a subject like an egg and explain that eggs have thin shells similar to teeth which are prone to get damaged. Soak the egg in cola overnight and show how it can turn the teeth brown if they are not brushed frequently.

2. Art work – Dental hygiene can also be learnt through artwork which will also give the child to show-off his skills. Ask the child to draw pictures which show different steps of brushing teeth or flossing. Children can also be asked to write a story about what happened at the dentist’s clinic.

3. Remove fear of dentist visit – Take the children on a visit to the dentist when you have an appointment. Show the child that the dentist is a friendly person and also helps children to learn that a visit to a dentist can be fun.

4. Music and lyrics – It is easy and fun to help children learn with music and poems. Make up a song about brushing teeth and maintaining dental hygiene.