Ways to wean babies off breast milk


UpdatedTrends.com: Babies who are dependent on mothers for breast milk are assured of great health and immunity. It also creates a great bond between a mother and a baby which helps greatly in the emotional development of a child. But there are certain circumstances when the baby needs to be weaned off due to a demanding work schedule or due to medication – which can be harmful for the baby. Make sure that it’s not a sudden, but a gradual move while weaning off your baby.

1. Age of child – Children at the age of 8 to 10 months begin losing interest in nursing and it is the ideal time to wean them off breast milk. But if they become nursing toddlers, it becomes much difficult to wean  them off as it becomes a source of comfort.

2. Shorten the time – Start with shortening the time of nursing. You can begin with a minute or two during each feed. If the baby is old enough, offer baby food or formula milk instead of nursing; but check up with your doctor first.

3. Replace breast feed – Offer bottle or formula milk instead of breast milk when the baby demands. Wait for several days as the child might become irritable and fussy during this time.

4. Distraction – Even after weaning off , the baby might demand nursing during bed time. Distract the baby by other sources like a warm bath, bad time story or cuddling.