Snacks to eat post-exercise

2533 If you thought that only exercising daily can keep your fat away, you are quite wrong. It is also very important to concentrate on what you eat after you finish a strenuous workout session. Fitness trainers say that the maximum level of fitness can be achieved only when you are aware of what is right for your  body after  you workout. Here are the things to keep in mind when you plan on eating after a workout session.

1. Do not overeat – Just after working out many times it happens that the person feels extremely hungry, especially after a heavy workout. At such times, do not overeat as overeating after will result in storing the food as fat instead of fuel. Munch on a few almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts or peanuts to keep the hunger pangs at bay, don’t eat more than 10.

2. More carbs and protein – After you wrap up with your exercise regime, you need to consume calories approximately half of the number of calories burnt during your workout.60 percent of the calories must come from carbohydrates as the body needs more of carbs during your workout. The carbs are essential to replace the glycogen used during exercise. Certain fitness magazines suggest you can indulge in snacks like an open-faced tuna sandwich made on a slice of whole-wheat bread or even pita bread and hummus among other healthy snacks.

3. Smoothies or shakes – Smoothies or shakes are best after exercise as they contain protein. One can even have peanut butter or banana on rice cakes. Yogurt with fresh berries is also a healthy option – it’s delicious, yet nutritious.

4. No snacks at all – The best is to just avoid any kind of snacks after workout as the average person does not need to have snacks to restore energy unlike the hardcore athletes. It all depends on what works for you after your exercise.

One thing that every person needs to keep in mind is that it is of great importance to cool down after working out and make sure you don’t end your workout abruptly. Ask your trainer to teach you some light exercises to end your workout as this will make your entire session a lot more healthier for yourself and your body in the long run.