Exercises to treat anxiety


There are millions of people who are affected by anxiety disorders. Anxiety is also one of the most common mental disorders in the Unites States. But there are also a number of effective therapies and exercises available to treat the symptoms of anxiety and make a person calm and stress-free. Here are a few exercises to keep anxiety at bay.

1. Practice breathing exercises – Take out some time from your daily schedule to practice breathing exercises. Breathing from your diaphragm helps to create a sense of well being and calm. So when you start feeling anxious, focus on slowing down your breathing and push the deep air in to the lungs. One can even stand with feet apart and inhale slowly while raising your hands above the head.

2. Exercises for relaxation – To calm you mind, it is first important to relax. One can practice to relax by imagining yourself in a serene environment. Visualization is a misleading term but this helps in relaxing. One can also practice muscle relaxation techniques in which one can tense up groups of muscles and then slowly relax them.

3. Meditation- Meditation is a technique which is also highly praised by business executives, religious leaders, spiritual healers and even normal people. Make sure that you have a guided meditation where one will guide you through the session professionally.