Ways to get relief from chest congestion


Chest congestion is a condition where the person finds it difficult to breathe. In such a case finding relief becomes a primary focus. There are natural and non-invasive ways to help relieve chest congestion.

1. Lemon – Have lemon in your drink or just in hot water. The acid content in Lemon helps to cut through phlegm. Lemon also works really well with tea. The combined heat and lemony property helps to relieve some congestion.

2. Fluids – Drink plenty of fluids the whole day. The fluid content helps thin the mucus which causes the congestion. If the mucus is loser and thinner then the body gets rid of it easily. Thinning it lessens the grip. Make sure that the fluid you take is not too milky and thick.

3. Pat your back – Sometimes the back patting technique also helps in loosening the congestion. Ask another person to do it. The person with the problem has to sit on a chair while leaning forward with arms on the lap or over a pillow. The person has to then give good firm and open handed slaps on the back.

4. Hot water bottle – Put a hot water bottle on the chest, but make sure that you have something between the skin and the bottle so that the skin is not burnt.