Ways to avoid blotchy spots on make up


Updatedtrends.com: There are various reasons like ageing, acne or other skin conditions for blotchy spots to appear on the face. The spots can make your make up session tedious, time consuming and tedious. However there are a few ways by which the problem can be solved.

1. Application of foundation – Apply the foundation where the minor coverage is needed so that the skin tone is evened out. Apply it with a damp sponge. Make sure to blend through all the contours of the face so that the skin gets a smoother look.

2. Camouflage make up – Even the application of camouflage make up for the ageing spots and other imperfections. It is a drier and thicker make up which comes in a compact or as a stick. a flat make up brush can be useful in small strokes to blend the camouflage in to the skin. But make sure that you do not apple the camouflage on the entire face and just on the blotchy areas or imperfections.

3. Pressed power – While application of powder, make sure it is either pressed or loose over the entire face. This helps to maintain a consistent colour. The powder will help in blending with the foundation and camouflage and will cover up minor skin tone flaws.