Baked or grilled fish can protect against Alzheimer’s disease?


Updated Trends: A new study states that eating fish could protect a person from memory loss or even Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers have stated that fish can be good only if they are baked or grilled.


Some scientists in the US have said that elderly people who have fish at least once in a week, are three to five times less likely to develop such conditions than the people who do not consume fish. But at the same time, researchers have also put their own conditions that the fish that is consumed should be cooked in a way which preserved its Omega – 3 fatty acids, which help in protection of the brain.

So the fish should be either baked or grilled, as these cooking methods provide the maximum levels of Omega – 3 , which help in increasing the blood flow to the brain and reduce inflammation. This also helps in preventing the formation of harmful plaques which ultimately leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

Fried fish has very low amount of Omega 3 acids and it does not offer any protection against problems like dementia and memory loss related to age problems. The research was based on the study of a group of 260 healthy volunteers with an average age of 76.