3 ways to get over claustrophobia


Updated Trends: Claustrophobia can be defined as the fear of being in small places. Technically, claustrophobia is a fear of being locked up in closed space and having no space to escape. Under such a conditions, some of the symptoms can include panic attacks. Such a condition can be treated if a person is determined.


1. Green tea – If one has frequent panic attacks due to the condition, then you can have one or two cups of green tea everyday. Green tea contains L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that helps in boosting the mental focus and inspires calm.

2. Meditation – One should meditate at least for five to ten minutes in the morning or in the night, which would help in improving mental clarity and can foster more reasonable reactions to stimulation. Gradually increase the time of meditation and it could eventually help to decrease the activity in the amygdala.

3. Face the fears – A claustrophobic person must try to face their fears gradually. One can start practicing by closing or locking the door or staying in a place that causes minor agitation. Slowly increase the degree of such activities. This would help the person to overcome the fear of small spaces.