Loneliness associated with fragmented sleep and not sleep duration


Updated Trends: A recent study that has been published on 1st November in the issue of SLEEP, has mentioned that loneliness has some link with sleep fragmentation. The study has also stated that it is not linked to sleep duration or subjective sleep measures.


The researchers from the University of Chicago had studied the link between loneliness with sleep duration or sleep fragmentation. Some 95 individuals from the communal society were investigated with a mean age of 39.8 years.

The individuals were investigated and interviewed for depression, anxiety, loneliness and stress and also subjective sleep measures like the quality of sleep and day time sleepiness. The individuals were also investigated for objective sleep properties which include sleep duration and sleep fragmentation with the help of wrist actigraph that were worn by the individuals for a week.

The researchers had found that after calculating the age body mass index, gender and risk of sleep apnea and the negative effects the high loneliness had significant association with the levels of sleep fragmentation. But there wasn’t any link between the loneliness with the duration of sleep. The study had thus found that the individuals who are not much connected with the society have more fragmented sleep.