Strawberries helpful in protecting against effects of alcohol on stomach


Updated Trends: For those who love to have alcohol on a festive day, but then end up with an upset stomach, strawberries can help in soothing the stomach. A recent study has discovered that strawberries have the ability to protect the stomach lining.


This has also improved hopes for the treatment of stomach ulcers. In a study by scientists, the laboratory rats were given ethanol. It was found that the stomach of the rats, who had eaten strawberries for the past ten days had not suffered much damage.

Sara Tulipani, a researcher had said that the positive effects of the strawberries are not only linked to the anti-oxidant capacity, but also due to the fact that they have the ability to activate the anti-oxidant defenses as well as the enzymes of the body.

The researchers have thus said that those who indulge in a diet rich in strawberries can prevent the gastric illness and also slowdown the formation of stomach ulcers. Some of the studies have also said that the treatment of stomach ulcers need protective medicines with properties of anti – oxidants due to the compounds found in the fruit. Some of the Italian researchers were studying the mucous membrane which has some special cells which produce enzymes and acid, which help the body to break down.