Women smokers more vulnerable to heart problems than men


Updated Trends: A study conducted by the researchers in the US has said that women who smoke are more likely to develop heart diseases. The research that has been published in the Lancet has said that women who smoke are 25% more prone to heart related problems.


When compared to men, women smokers are more prone to develop heart problems. The scientists have said that the toxic chemicals that are found in the cigarette can affect the women more than men due to the biological differences in the genders.

More than 4 million individuals from 86 studies were analyzed by the researchers in the US. It was found that the longer the woman smoked, the risk also increased and was greater than the men who also smoked for the same time.

Moreover, the risk increased by 2% for every additional year, when the women continued smoking. The authors of the study, Dr. Rachel Huxley and Dr. Mark Woodward,  had said that the women extract greater quantity of carcinogens and the other toxic chemicals that are present in the cigarette, then men. This has also discovered that the women are more vulnerable to lung cancer then men who smoke frequently. In the UK, 22 percent of men and 21 percent of women smoke cigarettes.