Top 5 instant stress relievers


    Updated Trends: Stress has now become a sad part of almost everyone’s life. Nowadays,  even children seem to be facing stress problems due to the growing competition or peer group pressure. There are ways through which one can get instant relief of stress, but it requires some degree of commitment.


    1. Laugh loud – This may be a bit tricky, as one does not laugh so easily in a stressful situation. Watch your favorite cartoon on TV or search for some funny videos on the internet and laugh it out.

    2. Breathe – Not many know that taking deep breaths has several advantages. Take a straight position in a chair and take deep breaths while holding your breathe for 8 to 10 seconds. As you inhale, you will feel the lower abdomen bit expanded.

    3. Write – It may sound weird, but writing is indeed therapeutic. It has the power to put a person in a zone. Writing makes the person forget all that has happened in the past and makes the person concentrate on writing.

    4. Walk – Put on your walking shoes and fill your iPod with your favorite tracks and hit the nearest park or even the road. Walking while listening to music helps in relieving stress and keeps your mind off the stressful situation.

    5. Spend time with your pet – A person who has a pet at home is actually blessed, as the pet always makes the master feel special, no matter what the circumstances are. The unconditional love of the pet makes the person forget everything else. Take your pet out for a stroll, play with your pet and enjoy the unconditional love that it showered on you.