Chillies help reduce calories and hunger pangs


Updated Trends: In some good news for those who are looking for some simple ways to shed some calories, research has suggested that some chillies in a regular diet may help reduce hunger pangs. Just a sprinkle of the red peppers in a person’s daily diet helps to reduce the craving for food.


The peppers get their heat from a component called capsaicin. The content of capsaicin helps to reduce hunger pangs and also increases the energy levels in the body, due to the high heat content. Researchers from Indiana have clearly emphasized the vital role of the spice in the weight reduction process.

One has to just sprinkle some red pepper on the food. The meal would in turn help burn the calories and would also help in reduce cravings for fatty food and sweet food.

Professor Richard Mattes has said that the spice must be consumed especially by those who do not regularly consume it. Mattes added that it is good for managing the appetite. Some of the studies also suggest consuming capsaicin in capsule form, but the recent research has suggested that the tasting of the spice has more effect than the capsules. Mattes has also said that the spice helps in maximizing the digestive process and also increases the metabolism of the body.

So what are you waiting for? Go spice up your food and shed those extra pounds!