Exercising your brain will do you good


    Updated Trends: Apart from keeping your body fit, one has to also make sure to maintain the health of the brain. To keep it working, you have to make sure to give it some exercise. Exercise for the brain may sound weird, but is equally essential and we don’t mean physical exercise.Not sure what are the benefits of this exercise, no need to worry.  Here are a few reasons to exercise your brains.


    1. Importance – Providing exercise to the body at the gym, is equally important to exercise your brain. To keep you brain working all the time, it is essential to keep yourself busy in some brainy activities, in which the usage of the brain is required.

    2. Exercise – Indulging in some puzzles and other activities, which forces you to use your brain, keeps your mind ticking. This in turn also improves the presence of mind and also helps the person to become more attentive.

    3. Response – Exercising one’s brain, helps in remaining responsive and attentive. Trying new things and indulging yourself in new activities, helps in developing the responsive section of the brain.

    4. Strong mind – A few changes in the daily routine may help to build a strong mind. For instance, just increasing the number of procedures in a particular work, may also do. You can try stirring your tea with your other hand instead of the dominant one.

    5. Intelligence – Brainteasers and a few similar puzzles that force your brain to think out of the box also helps to increase one’s intelligence. Try remembering similar words, synonyms & antonyms.