Unhealthy foods that your dog must avoid at any cost


    Updated Trends: Like humans, dogs too need to have watch on their diet. Dogs are also prone to gain weight. There are certain foods which are not supposed to be given to the animals. Dogs have a different metabolism than humans. Not all foods suitable to humans are suitable for dogs. Here are the top five food items that shouldn’t be given to your pet dogs.


    1. Caffeine – Chocolates, tea, coffee and other food items made out of caffeine shouldn’t be given to dogs. These products are toxic for them and can increase the heart beats of the dog. If higher dose of it is given, they can even experience difficulty in breathing.

    2. Bread dough – Bread dough contains yeast, which tends to swell. If it is consumed by the dog, then there are possibilities that it could fall sick. The bread dough after going in the stomach swells and becomes toxic.

    3. Macadaima nuts – Even small amount of macadamia nuts can be toxic for the dogs. The nuts can cause vomiting, dizziness and sometimes it might even find it difficult to stand.

    4. Grapes and dry fruits – Dogs should not be given grapes or raisins or any nuts. Nuts can be given occasionally but they tend to damage the kidneys.

    5. Excessive meat – Meat is good for the dogs but if given in excessive amount, it can cause certain vitamin deficiencies.