Veggies that you must grow in your home garden


    Updated Trends: Vegetables are the healthiest option for those looking out to lose some weight or just to stay healthy. However, instead of purchasing the vegetables, home grown organic vegetables are the best one can consume. Here are the top five vegetables that can be easily grown at the convenience of the garden.


    1. Peas – Peas can be grown in almost any climate. The plant of the peas is a climber and just needs some support, which can be found on a tree or even a fence.

    2. Potatoes – Potatoes can be best grown in sandy soil. They are actually the roots of the plant. The potatoes can be dug out, when the green plant becomes brown and withers.

    3. Beans – Beans can be grown in two ways depending on the variety. Pole beans are grown with the help of trellising, while bush beans need no trellising. The vegetable can be grown between June to September and can be plucked, when the pods are about four inches long.

    4. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are one of the vital vegetables needed in the kitchen. Tomatoes can be grown in several varieties. There are cherry, Roma and even wild tomatoes.

    5. Coriander – Coriander leaves plant is the most easy plant to grow and can be grown in almost any condition.

    There are still other types of plants that can be grown including curry leaves, lemon grass, capsicum among others, which requires some basic gardening skills, and can help you put an organic buffet on your dining table.