Top 5 fast food chains


    Updated Trends: Today’s fast moving world has a dire need of Fast Food chains, the reason is, man is getting busier by the day. Fast Food chains provide us with a variety of foods and drinks at a reasonable price. Here are some fast food chains where one can enjoy really good quality food and drinks with their family and friends.
    subway fast food

    5) KFC – Specialized in serving a variety of chicken meals, this fast food chain is completely based on meat cuisine. It was on the top for some years but as the competition increased, KFC was lagging behind.

    4) Starbucks – The fourth largest fast food chain in the world, famous for its pastries, coffee and drinks.

    3) Pizza Hut – This food chain is famous for its Pizza and the by its name itself people know the brand for its food. It has been ranked third in the world, because of the variety of Pizza’s they cater to their people.

    2) McDonald’s – McDonald’s has been in the fast food business for more than half a century, and its quality and the variety foods has kept it on the top spot for years.

    1) Subway – The largest fast food chain in the world, known for its name itself. The food quality is exceptional and it has always been preferred as the first choice for having meals.