Specs vs Contact lenses – Comfort, style or convenience?


    Eyes can be accessorized with contact lenses as well as specs. Some wear it for show and some for correction of their eye sight. But when it comes to choosing correction eye wear, there are differences in opinions. Afterall, the eyes are the windows of your soul, and for this reason people tend to emphasize the importance of eye care.

    Contact lenses

    So what sets apart the conventional spectacles with the modern contact lenses?

    1. Vision: Specs may be comfortable to wear, but many times the prism effect in the specs obstructs the vision. Since lenses are intact on your eyes, the question of prism effect does not arise at all.

    2. Maintenance: When dust accumulates on the specs, it can be easily removed or cleaned with a cloth and can be worn. But if lenses catch dirt, it is mandatory that it has to be washed in a solution. Lenses need to be cleaned properly as they are always on the most delicate part of the eyes.

    3. Correction: In case of correction of a myopic state, the lenses need not be that powerful. But specs, since they are not sticking to the eyes, need to be powerful enough to give the effect.

    4. Comfort level: One has to get used to the usage of contact lenses. While it does not take much efforts to wear specs. However sometimes, the bridge of the specks does irritate the upper part of the nose.

    5. During occasions: Lenses do not hide your face. While specks camouflage your face especially during occasions and parties, when you want to look your best while posing for pictures.

    While specs tend to be a little cumbersome at times, they are definitely a lot more practical and can be worn for hours on length. On the other hand, though contact lenses are a lot more comfortable, prolonged use can affect the eye, and maintenance tends to be a very expensive option.