Iran Nuclear Talks Have No Outcome And No Agreement


Updated Trends: The Iran Nuclear Talks which have taken place in Turkey, have resulted in no official outcome nor has there been an agreement with Iran. The massive six powers which sat to discuss the ongoing nuclear program of Iran and its affect on a global stage, has failed to settle on a single decision.


All the six powers and their diplomats walked out of the meeting room without any final word with the Islamic Republic of Iran, what is disheartening, is there are no further talks planned. European Union Foreign Chief said, this is not the conclusion that she had not hoped for.

All hopes to negotiate with Iran succumbed after the country’s diplomats kept forward pre-conditions before entering into talks. The conditions included the halt of the sanctions, and that Iran should be recognized as state that has formal rights to develop civilian nuclear infrastructure. The Six countries who have participated in the talks are United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany.

Source: washingtonpost