Suicide Bombers Attack Iraq Police By Using An Ambulance


Updated Trends: An ambulance suicide bombers have attacked the Iraqi Police in their compound premises at Baquba, killing 12 people. There are reports of many people being injured, and it is the second time in just two days the Iraqi forces have been targeted. On Tuesday, a suicide bomb attack in Tikrit killed 60 people, and this was reported to be a large scale attack.

suicide bombers attack iraq

Iraq has consistently been under attack of militants and insurgents within the nation, and it has also been noted that the suicide attacks are on a rise since a couple of years. Violence among people has gone down, but the main concern is the frequent suicide bomb attacks on the foreign and national forces.

Both Baquba and Tikrit fall within the country’s Sunni triangle, a hot bed of insurgent attacks. Reports have shown that there were two suicide bombers in the attack, as one stepped out of the ambulance and opened fired at the security forces and the other drove to vehicle into the compound and detonated it. Many people were buried under the pile of building debris which broke down after the explosion went off.

Source: BBC