Wikileaks Reveals Galileo Navigation System Boss Said The System Is A Stupid Idea


Updated Trends: Wikileaks has revealed in one of its leaked US cables, that the Galileo Satellite Navigation System boss in Europe, Berry Smutny, had called the entire system stupid, for it was working favouring only French interests. On the basis of these comments, Berry has been fired from his job for being creating differentiation.

berry_smutny fired galileo wikileaks

The leaked cable news has been published by Norwegian news paper ‘Afterposten’, which shows the statement made by Berry “I think Galileo is a stupid idea that primarily serves French interests.” The Galileo navigation system is a project similar to the GPS of the US, and it will consist of 14 satellites costing around €566 million.

What has hurt the authorities the most is that when he said it is “a waste of EU taxpayers’ money championed by French interests,” The cable also discloses that the France wanted an alternative to the GPS, as the system had been manipulated by the US during the Kosovo war. It is since then he says, the French have spearheaded the project and wanted to safe guard all their missiles from any sort of reliance through the US based GPS.

Source: Telegraph