Late Elizabeth Edwards’ Will Is Said To Have Left Everything For Her Children


    Updated Trends: The late American attorney, Elizabeth Edwards’ Will states that she has left everything that belongs to her, for her children. A statement from her Will reads that, all her furniture, goods, china ware, automobiles, personal property and jewellery, should be divided among the children equally.

    elizabeth edwards

    Elizabeth who died on the 7th December 2010, after battling breast cancer, had known that she will not remain any more; as a result prior to her death she had prepared a will. She had four children and one of them, Wade, had died in a car crash in the year 1996.

    After she was initially diagnosed with the terminal disease, she took up to writing and wrote, ‘Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers’, which depicted her life battling the disease and also the death of her son. Her husband, John Edwards, is said to have been involved in an affair, even after she was diagnosed with cancer.

    Source: CNN