Blackbirds And Fishes Found Dead In Louisiana, Mystery Starts To Deepen


Updated Trends: More than 500 Blackbirds have been found dead in Louisiana and now fishes too are turning up dead in Brazil, this mystery is starting to get deeper by the day. There is no proper explanation to this, that has come up yet, but for sure we are not in 2012 nor is it the end of the days. After it was reported that thousands of blackbirds were found dead in small town in Arkansas, it appears the same has happened in Louisiana too.

Dead Birds-Louisiana

Officials are now trying to find out what and how were these birds killed, as they started to drop out from the sky. There are many explanations that are coming up, which include hail, fireworks, government conspiracies and even the wrath of God.

Currently the officials who are investigating the incident are not connecting the bird deaths in Louisiana with the deaths in Arkansas. On the other hand in Brazil it has also been reported that some 100 tonnes of fish have been found mysteriously dead, and same has happened in Louisiana too. Investigators in the US are first trying to find out what has killed the fish in Louisiana, and have not commented about the situation in Brazil.

Source: NYDaily