Blizzard Strikes Northeast US, Regathers As Storm Passes Away


Updated Trends: A series of blizzards that had created havoc in America, has now moved on and the northeast region of the US has now started to regather itself. Airports have now started to reopen across the region after the bad weather had played spoilsport. The New York City airport has now reopened after many back logged flights remained stationary.

NYC_Airport blizzard

Passengers in the Northeast region of the United States were stranded at the airports, which has caused them great discomfort, thanks to the bad weather which had caused dangerous blizzards this year. The wind speeds that clocked at the meteorological department, was around 59 mph.

There were many deaths reported across America, during the onslaught of the blizzard. Temperatures fell way below the minus mark, causing deaths to many homeless people on the streets. Trading volumes in the stock market was heavily affected because storm and it will be taking some time for the market to come back on track. Many airports in the Northeast region were shut because of the heavy blizzards, which caused thousands of people to remain stranded at the terminals, with less food and information.

Source: Reuters