TIME Editor feels Mark Zuckerberg is worthier than Julian Assange for Person Of The Year title


    Updated Trends: TIME magazine editor, Richard Stengel feels that Mark Zuckerberg was the worthy person to be named the ‘TIME Person Of The Year’ rather compared to Julian Assange. He says that Mark will not only be the person of the year for 2010, but also for many years ahead. Stengel adds that Mark has not earned the title only on the basis of a poll that took place in the last six weeks, but on the basis of many years ahead too.

    time person of the year

    Image: Time Magazine

    Reports state that Stengel feels the choice of Mark Zuckerberg is quite fair enough,but many journalists and critics have stated that TIME has chosen Zuckerberg as the person of the year, only for the fact to be on the safer side. Julian Assange was the only person who was standing toe to toe against Zuckerberg during the polls, and he had also won the online poll for the person of the year.

    Wikileaks founder Assange has proved to be a Nemesis against the US Government and he is under strict speculation and criticism in the US. Critics say TIME has safeguarded itself from being under the grip of controversy if it had to choose Julian Assange.