Christian protestor killed in Egyptian church protests


Updated Trends: Christian protestor killed in Egyptian church protests

Plans to build a church near Cairo, Egypt led to huge protests, and reports state that authorities in Egypt arrested about 156 people involved in the protests on Thursday. One Christian protester was reported to have died.


The police had encountered about 150 people demonstrating outside the government building. The police also threw teargas at the crowd, when the protesters began to demonstrate against the police, which eventually resulted in death of a Christian protester.

There were reported issues between the majority of the Muslims and the Christian minority. The police had also complained of discriminations against the Christian community. However the government has denied any such accusations.

According to the bipartisan commission, many businesses and Christian homes were destroyed and burnt in the Qena province of southern Egypt, after rumours of an affair between a Christian boy and a Muslim woman had broken out. According to the commission the security officials had also arrested several Muslims.